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兩家咖啡店 - 愛懷舊 / 超型格@rebeccaleung

  二)柴灣Porch Coffee @Harley-Davidson香港陳列室喝咖啡除了講求地點環境外,氣氛也十分重要。石屋固然充滿本土懷舊風情,但享受咖啡的時光也可以非常型格,可到柴灣新開約兩個月的Porch Coffee。Porch Coffee位處著名電單車品牌

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Success at Hofex

Last week, we spent four days at Bean2Cup, the specialized coffee sector of the region’s leading food and hospitality tradeshow, HOFEX. We spent our time at the show getting our name out to businesses so we can bring Porch to even more lovers of coffee. Our favourite part of the...

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